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Canon PIXMA Printing Only Black Ink Cartridges

It is quite common to hear a question like how to use Canon Pixma printing only black ink cartridges. The real question is “Is it possible?” In fact, most printer companies provide the option in the printer configuration menu or preferences to choose the ink cartridge that you want to use. For canon users, you can choose to use a single or both ink cartridges from the printer preferences. But it does not mean that you can use the black ink cartridges to print black-and-white documents.

Canon PIXMA Printing Only Black Ink Cartridges


It is true that printers use the ink more than just for printing. For the canon users, once you installed the ink tanks, the machine will take a small amount of the ink so that it is ready to print. Here, the machine takes the ink and then fills the nozzles of the print head. That is why you can print some sheets with the first ink tanks. Eventually, canon printers use the ink to maintain the printing quality. The machine is able to do automatic cleaning for its performance. During the cleaning process, it takes a little amount of ink, including the colors inks.

Even though you want to print black-and-white document, it still uses other inks than the black ink only. In another word, the machine is possible to use the color ink to print in black-and-white.

How To Use Canon PIXMA Printing Only Black Ink Cartridges Settings

How to use canon pixma printing only black ink cartridges is impossible. Well, you can try to setting the ink cartridge you want to use. It allows you to specify the appropriate FINE cartridge among the available cartridges. In addition, this feature allows you to continue printing even though one of the FINE cartridges is empty and you cannot replace it at that day.

Here are the steps on how to use canon pixma printing only black ink cartridges:

  1. Choose Ink cartridge settings on the pop-up menu by visiting Canon IJ Printer Utility.
  2. Choose the FINE cartridge you want to use and hit Apply. After that, select Black Only.
  3. Complete the setting by clicking OK. The FINE cartridge you have chosen is ready to use for the next printing.


In the end, after completing the settings, Black Only will not function. It is because the canon printers still need the color FINE cartridges to print even black white documents. Besides, it is better not to detach the empty FINE Cartridges. The printer cannot perform the command if you have detached one of the FINE cartridges.
Those are all things you should know about how to use canon pixma printing only black ink cartridges.